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If you are studying a foreign language, spending a year in a foreign country is a great option to increase fuency. If a year is too long, try spending your summers studying in France, Germany, or Brazil. Financial aid and language scholarships are available to qualified applicants, and student travel discounts combined with budget housing can make study abroad more affordable.

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Study Abroad Programs

In this section, you can browse actual Study Abroad programs, and locate resources to prepare yourself for success.

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Study Abroad Financial Aid

Study abroad is not out of reach. You can apply for scholarships, find an internship, and locate grants and school-based aid. Be aware that you'll need to submit your application months ahead of your dates of travel to have any real chances of obtaining a financial aid package.

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If your college or university is a member of the IES consortium, which is comprised of about 200 schools in the USA, you may qualify for specific IES programs. Please check the member list at IES, to participate in the following aid offers:

Summer financial aid
Need-ased aid
IES Internships

If you have received a fellowship or grant to support your experience, know what the requirements are to satisfy your fellowship obligations while you're abroad, and after your return.

Passport & Immigration

Make sure that your passport is valid for at least 6 months after your anticipated date of return to the US. For safety, make duplicate copies of your passport, student visa, credit cards, ATM cards, and traveler's cheques, and leave them with your family in a safe place. You should also carry a copy of your passport in your backpack, including all pages with entry and exit stamps.

It's never too early to apply for a student visa, if required, covering the time that you will be living in each foreign country that you're going to visit. Foreign Embassies based in the US often grant visas only to residents within a specified US region. Student visa requirements vary widely, so ensure that you have the paperwork filled out completely. Don't make any travel plans before obtaining a student visa, as you can be turned away at the airport without one.

Prepare to Live in Another Country

You need to learn as much as you can about the areas to which you will be traveling before you go. You can find crime data listed by nation, health insurance providers, and other information online. After you arrive, you may need to register with your embassy or consulate. US citizens can register online, through the US State Department's travel website. Apply for an International Student Identity Card, which allows you to take advantage of student-only discounts while abroad. On the STA Travel website, you can apply for the STA Travel Student Identity Card.

Sending a letter by airmail can take anywhere from a few days to two weeks to arrive, depending on the country you're in. is the most affordable means of international communication. You can have free voice or video chats from computer to computer, and there's an affordable 'computer to phone' fee option that allows students to call any phone number from their computer for a nominal charge.

Writing an on-line journal of your travel stories is a great way to share your adventures with friends and family while studying abroad. Many blog sites offer free accounts, such as,, and If you have a digital camera, you can post photos online at Flickr, SnapFish, or WebShots.
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Android Apps$84,350
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Business Management$64,070
Dental Assistants$30,430
EMT, Paramedics$39,390
Environmental Jobs$72,590
Graphic Design$49,300
Human Resources$32,200
Medical Assistants$28,980
Lab Technicians $30,550
Mental Health$34,550
Nursing Jobs$47,760
Physical Therapists$65,050
Public Relations$40,670
SWIFT, iOS$85,400
Tech Jobs$60,850
Vocational Nurses (LVN)$44,480
Website Design$58,500
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