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During my last visit to the off-campus housing office, I was shocked at how much one-bedroom apartments near campus cost. Sharing an apartment with roommates is a common cost-saving option. This page will outline various resources for finding an apartment or share rentals beyond, although that's the correct website on which to begin any apartment search.

Although a great option for freshman, the dorms can get noisy, making study difficult, and there's always someone who wants to talk to you, sometimes late into the night. On the other hand, it is easy to make friends, and living in the dorms gives you the comfort of being surrounded by people and activity so far from home, perhaps for the first time. As you mature, you may feel that the extra independence and relative quiet of your own apartment is worth the additional expense.

Short-term housing

If your dorm application was wait-listed, or denied, you'll need to find short-term housing, and fast. You can stay in a nightly hotel, or weekly/monthly motel, at least temporarily while you look for a better option. Find a friend, and ask to sleep on their couch, or the floor in a sleeping bag if necessary. Hey, cardboard or a foam work-out mat makes the floor seem pretty comfy in an emergency. Even if you're a brave soul, resist the temptation to sleep outside, or in your car or van, as this quickly demoralises even the toughest folks. I've read of students getting a degree while homeless, but don't let it happen to you.

Fraternities and Sororities

If you decide to rush a frat or join a sorority, there are several factors you should take into account, before you get overwhelmed by the attention they are giving you. The brothers (or sisters) have their own agenda, and need to fill up the house with new pledge class. They may (or may not) be sincere in all the flattery they are laying on you. Look at the clothes everyone is wearing, and their shoes. Are these the same clothes and shoes that you always wear? How do people talk? Is everone smarter than you, or richer? If so, you are heading for trouble. Nobody wants to feel left out, and you may find yourself spending money you can't afford, and focusing more on fitting into your house, than concentrating on doing well in college. Alternatively, if you fit in, the frats and sororities can be a great place to spend you college career, making life-long friendships, and having the time of your life.

Crime and safety

Renting a place in a bad neighborhood to save money is often a bad choice. The money you save on rent is offset by hidden costs like stress and bad feelings, especially at night. If you are walking home alone, or on your bicycle, you may have to pass lowlife gangs drinking or selling drugs. If they just minded their own business, it wouldn't be so bad, but you can count on them singling out the college student as an easy target for trouble-making. You also have to think about break-ins and theft, hassles you wouldn't have to deal with if you lived in a better neighborhood, close to campus, with both security patrols and local police protecting the area at night.

Landlords, contracts, repairs, free legal aid

Before you sign a rental contract, note the main elements of the length of the contract, when your security deposit may be returned, and on what conditions, and if you can sub-lease your apartment if you have to leave early. If you can't get your landlord to make repairs, such as fixing a broken toilet or water pipes, you can usually hold your rent until the utilities are working again. You can always contact free legal aid in your community, or go through the school's student services office.


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